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2nd Project Meeting


A. October 2nd, 2003, Thursday: Discussion centring on the development of the DSS

Chair: Jan W. Owsiński

9:00 Welcoming address from the Director of the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Professor Olgierd Hryniewicz

9:15 Establishment of the final agenda of the first day of the meeting and organisational announcements

9:30 Presentation from WP 3 - Jiri Horak (TUO), general course of work within the WP and the web-site "prototype" development - see - WP3_WAR.

10:15 Presentation from WP 3 - Vladimir Marsik (TUO), development of the UML-based model of the DSS environment and functioning - see WP3_WAR_DSS.

10:35 Discussion. Discussion centred on two main issues:
(1) (delays in) provision of necessary input to WP 3, including the respective (filled) questionnaires (the stakeholder questionnaires being also the input to WP 2); it was proposed that all the partners should terminate the respective process by the end of October 2003; and
(2) the contents of the DSS as set against the background of the "prototype" being developed within TUO (it was proposed that the "prototype" be developed further in the course of the project with addition of the decision-analysis-oriented and model-oriented features, as well as more elaborate GIS-type functionality); the "prototype" was agreed to be the proper instrument in talking to stakeholders and end-users

11:00 Coffee break

11:15 Presentation from WP 4 - Tilman Mieseler and Till Rubbert (RUB), work at RUB on particular WPs - see - RUB-input

11:50 Presentation from the Norwegian-Russian pilot region - George Lev (IC) - see  - a. ICpilotsite-pres; b. IC-pilotsite-rep

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Presentations from the Czech-Polish pilot region
- Jitka Kubesova and Julien Doutre (GEO), see  - WP1-rep-Waw
- Jan W. Owsiński (SRI PAS), see  - SRI-PAS-pilotsite

14:20 Discussion. It was emphasised in this short discussion that the Polish-Czech pilot site represents an exceptionally well-defined problem structure. Two additional issues were raised: the phosphate contamination and the intention on sewage treatment from the Czech side.

14:40 Presentations from the Bulgarian-Greek pilot region - Emil Bournaski (IWP) and Eleni Eleftheriadou (AUTh)

15:00 Presentations from Giorgio Saio (GISIG) - see - GISIG-AGG, and Alessandra Marchese (AMGA) - see  - a. GEOSim, b. AMGA-measures

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 General discussion. The issues raised concerned (i) the language versions of the DSS being developed - in response Jiri Horak emphasised the need for metadata definition in local languages; (ii) the availability of the "prototype" for particular pilot regions - again Jiri Horak answered that this is not feasible right now, the main work going into the review of available products and the development of the current "prototype" for the real data of just one pilot region; (iii) the place and role of models in the DSS - in response Jan Owsinski argued that, first, the project will not be developing any models, second, it may be that just a rudimentary model interface be built, and third, that a selection of models has to be made, corresponding to different decision situations, as identified within the WP2, for which also different Decision Analytic frameworks will have to be developed.

17:40 Closing

19:30 Official dinner, "Restauracja Polska".


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