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2nd Project Meeting


B. October 3rd, 2003, Friday: The formal reporting day

Chair: Marco Antonio Estrela (ISQ, Coordinator)

9:50 Welcome from the Coordinator

10:00 Summary of the preceding day - Jan Owsiński (SRI PAS)

10:20 Reports from the representatives of particular WPs:

10:20 WP 1 - Jitka Kubesova (GEO) - see - WP1-rep-Waw - this presentation, the same as during the preceding day, but with different emphases, was complemented by the appeal from Zuzana Boukalova for the necessary information and the establishment of the Local Steering Committees; this was paralleled by Marco Estrela on the necessity of complying with the time-table and the obligations taken; a more detailed discussion concerned the timing of the LSC establishment and meetings in particular areas; it was generally agreed that the process must be finished soon, in any case during winter 2003/2004

10:40 WP 2 - Silvia Bertolin and Jacobo Feas (FEEM) - see - TRANSCAT WP2 - 03 - this presentation called for an active input from the partners to WP 2, especially what regards the conference in Venice in March 2004; a part of these issues were transferred to the Project Board meeting in the afternoon (proposals for (i) invited speakers; (ii) UNESCO invitees; (iii) paper proposal reviewers); the questions and answers that followed regarded: proposal for an invited lecturer - Peter Zeil from the University of Salzburg (Zuzana Boukalova), possibility of exploring the implementation guidelines of the EC (Jiri Horak), the necessity of clear statement of domain and purpose for the papers and materials, against the background of some "integrating" experiences (Jan Owsinski), and the possibility of direct collaboration with some other relevant undertakings (Eco-Geo-Water, Mantra-East,...) (Giorgio Saio, Marco Estrela)

11:00 Coffee break

11:15 Reports continued:

11:15 WP 3 - Jiri Horak (TUO) - presentation similar as the day before, but with different aspects emphasised WP3_WAR; the discussion, which followed, involving - except for Jiri Horak - Giorgio Saio, Zuzana Boukalova, Marco Estrela and Jan Owsiński, focussed on end-user identification and involvement, the role of questionnaires etc., the main conclusions being that an effort must be made in all cases to have the bodies responsible for catchment-oriented decision making (DM) involved, and that descriptions must be provided of the managerial & DM structures proper for each country's case, whether through respective questionnaires or special elaborates; another issue was harmonisation of data with the WFD guidelines and ISO norms; a new version of the data specification document is prepared and will be distributed soon

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Reports continued:

13:30 WP 4 - Till Rubbert and Tilman Mieseler (RUB) - see - RUB-WP4; the discussion regarding this presentation concerned the norms related to data definition and measurements (a succinct summary of respective norms will be provided), and the nature of the German-Czech pilot region (catchment? geographical region? economic region?); the latter issue seemed to require additional explanations/justification

13:50 WP 5 - Jan Owsiński (SRI PAS) - see - a. TRANSC-WP5-01, b. SRI-PAS-WP5-02; a brief report only was presented on this just starting workpackage; the question was asked of the relation with the "prototype" being developed by TUO - in response Jan Owsinski said that this prototype will be taken over (in the sense yet to be defined) and further developed, first of all with addition of features related to the decision analytic applications and potential links to models; another question referred to pilot site implementations - the response was that this is not within the competence of WP 5, though in close relation to, and that it is envisaged to proceed with implementation for just one pilot site within the course of work on the DSS; one of the outputs from the DSS should be the procedure for implementation; Jiri Horak emphasised that one should not imagine the out put as a commercial DSS software nor as a "final" implementation, also due to data problems; in this context it is of special importance to use as much as possible the synergy with other EC projects and programs; there was a rejoinder from Jan Owsinski on the assumed/specified use of other products and modules, elaborated outside of the project, and the definition of functionality

14:10 WP 6 - in place of a report there was a quick overview of the data situation in particular pilot regions; Marco Estrela pointed out that the Guadiana river basin has been used by the Portuguese government for testing the guidelines related to WFD, the respective data for the area are freely available on-line ( ), starting with 1920, and there is a close collaboration with an institute (INAG) working on the area.

14:20 WP 7 - the workpackage has not started yet; instead, George Lev presented a proposal for a DVD meant for effective dissemination of knowledge on the TRANSCAT project, its contents and output - see a. DVD demo-outline, b. DVD-idea ; this was followed by a discussion in which two issues were raised: (i) the necessity of having a more precise cost outline before any decisions could be made, and the possibility of dividing up the cost between the between the partners and the dissemination activities of the Project; (ii) the required input from the partners (materials)

14:40 WP 9 - since WP 8 will start in about one year, Marco Estrela proceeded to the project management issues, associated with WP 9, see - Project status - , and especially the Milestones (1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 4.1) and the Deliverables (1.1, 2.1, 9.1, 9.2) and the state of affairs with this respect; further, in this connection the shifts in the work plan (task terminations) were announced: Task 1.1: till the end of month 9, Task 1.4: through the second round of meetings, to be done as soon as possible; Tasks 3.1 and 3.2 - till the end of month 9, similarly as Tasks 4.1 and 6.3; Task 4.2 - till the end of month 11, Tasks 6.4 and 6.5 - till the end of month 10, and Task 6.5 - start to month 6 and termination to month 15; it was also announced that amendments will be necessary to the six-month report, to be specified in an e-mailed message; the annual report should be ready by the end of February 2004; a hope was expressed that a preliminary screening of the report could be arranged

15:15 Coffee break




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