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2nd Project Meeting


C. Friday, October 3rd, 2003, afternoon: Project Board Meeting


1. Opening by Marco Estrela.

2. Since the formal representatives of seven partners were present (Marco Estrela - ISQ, Zuzana Boukalova - GEO, George Lev - IC, Giorgio Saio - GISIG, Jiri Horak - TUO, Jan Owsinski - SRI PAS, Emil Bournaski - IWP), it was decided that the other persons present, representing the remaining partners, will report on the decisions of the Project Board to their respective formal representatives and there will be 10 day period for any inquiries, oppositions, etc.; if there are no such, the decision will be considered taken.

3. Jiri Horak (TUO) brought up the proposal of two papers to be presented at the international conference in Ostrava in January 2004; it was decided to disseminate the proposal among the partners in order to have an opinion about publishability. Jiri Horak made also a short explanation on the conference and extended an invitation to it. This was followed by a similar invitation from Zuzana Boukalova concerning the conference in Mexico in October 2004.

4. Jiri Horak (TUO) requested a budget shift of 1,000 EUR from "durable equipment" to "consummables", in connection with the data purchase. This was given an agreement by the Board.

5. On the request from FEEM in connection with the conference in Venice selection of reviewing parties was discussed and it was preliminarily agreed that the paper proposals (single-page abstracts) will be reviewed by the following partners:

* Introduction & integrated management of transboundary water resources - G. Saio, E. Roccatagliata (GISIG)
* Legal and administrative issues - M.A. Estrela and E. Bournaski (will try to find appropriate experts)
* Systems aspects - J. Owsinski
* Environment - A. Misund
* Case studies - Z. Boukalova

It was decided that an effort be made to have the abstracts assessed by two persons each. It is assumed that the total number of papers will be 50-60. The abstracts should be sent in in October, while the evaluation should be done in November.


6. Again in connection with the conference in Venice the question was brought up of the invited lecturers (proposals) and the UNESCO invitees from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. It was assumed that partners will propose both, the latter with appropriate additional information (CVs, lists of publications).

7. The subsequent meeting of the Project (after the first year) will take place at the opportunity of the conference in Venice, most probably just after it (the conference runs from Wednesday through Friday, so the meeting will be on Friday afternoon-Saturday, or on Saturday).

8. George Lev informed of the pilot site meeting in Norway on September 15-20, 2004, and extended an invitation to host the consecutive project meeting at this opportunity.

17:00 The meeting was closed.



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