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Þ  Biała
Þ  Nysa 12.07.2005


Polish pilot region


Photo gallery – a pictorial on the Polish part of the Biała/Bela basin

This pictorial brings you northwards from the place where Biała [Głuchołaska] (or Bela, on the Czech side) crosses the Polish-Czech border very close to Głuchołazy, through various localities on the way to the northern limit of the pilot region.

The name of the river means “White”, a very common name for smaller rivers in the Slavonic countries, especially when running over light-coloured rocks and stones, or sand (as opposed to “Black” – Czarna in Polish or Crna in Czech, often given to boggy, biologically rich rivers).




Photo no. 1. Biała river just flowing into Poland and into Głuchołazy.

Outskirts of Głuchołazy - some few hundred metres away from the border. To the left - the Polish part of the Opava Mountains, here a kind of municipal park (locally peaking with Parkowa [Park] Mt.), with the rests of gold mines of the 14th -16th centuries (two biggest nuggets are kept in the Rudolph II treasury in Vienna), a spa, and an interesting religious installation of Via Crucis.


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