Decision maker's help

The task of the Bargain application is to support negotiations concerning realisation of a concrete project. A project is represented by a problem description, provided in the system, and it can be realised according to one of the variants, which are also described. A "variant" or an "option" is, therefore, a way of realising the project. A variant is composed of the costs of realisation of the project and the description of the way, in which the project will be realised (a provided description or an external link). The negotiating parties ("users") are assigned only to a concrete project and there have to be at least two such parties. The entire application is managed by an administrator, who can manage the project, the variants (options) and the users (the parties).

Bargain makes use of the internet browser, and so in order to start the application we should provide the address, under which the Bargain application can be found. The first screen appearing after starting is the login screen. Here the user is asked to identify her/himself. In order to do this we provide the respective data, making use of the text fields appearing next to the lock image. In the first field, called "login", we put the name of the user, assigned by the system administrator. In the second field, called "password", we provide the password. After the login name and the password have been provided we direct the mouse cursor on the "log-in" key and click on it with the left mouse button.

Main program screen
After having logged in we see in front of us the main program screen. We can divide it up into three parts. The first one - the main, or general menu, at the top of the page. The second one - the project menu, on the left side. And the third - the main part, where all the essential information is provided.

Main menu
Menu at the top contains: the rolldown list of the current projects - for fast switching between them, the rolldown list of all the available language versions - for purposes of changing the available language version of the interface, the button of the project list - showing the general list of projects, to which we are assigned, the help button for displaying the help page, and the logout button for terminating the work with the application.

Select project
From the main menu we select the project we are interested in - by clicking on its name, so that the project becomes active. The subsequent operations will be carried out on this project. In order to change the active project we should select from the main menu the list of projects, and from this list - the project, on which we wish to work, or we can select this project from the rolldown list on the top of the screen.

Project menu